Energizing Summer Blackberries Smoothie


Keeping in mind the basic rule “high carbs low fat” (I am going to explain you more about it in another article), let’s make a super energizing and fresh smoothie bowl to kick the morning and start off the day with the right foot.

This bowl is rich in magnesium, manganese and potassium, essential elements to knock out the fatigue. Fruits provide lots of fiber which aids digestive health. As you can see, I put goji berries on top of my bowl. This super food is a good source of protein (1 ounce, about 28 gr, provides 12 gr of protein) and it is a very good source of riboflavin which is what makes goji berries well known for their antioxidant function. Goji berries is also a good source of vitamin C, as well as bananas and blackberries. For example, one cup of blackberries provides the 50% of the recommended daily intake. You will see, this smoothie has a wonderful texture, that’s because of the addiction of the oat bran. Source of carbs, as goji berries oat bran contains protein and iron.

3 bananas
4 ice cubes
2 tbsp oat bran
100ml water
Vanilla flavour
100gr blackberries (plus two or three frozen)
Coconut flour
Goji berries

Put in a blender the bananas cut in half, the ice cubes, the oat bran and 100ml of water. Blend till combined. Stop blending and add the blackberries and the natural vanilla flavour as much as you like. You are free to add extra sweetness like stevia, agave or maple syrup. Blend again for a minute.
Place the smoothie in a bowl, sprinkle some coconut flour on top, add frozen blackberries and goji berries as final touch.

Now, you are ready to kick off the day 🙂

Nutrition Facts
Calories 373 kcal / Fat 2,2 gr / Carbohydrate 95,2 gr / Protein 6,8 gr / Fiber 12,6 gr

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